Paul Gilbert

How do you engage, influence and motivate people?

Tell them powerful, compelling stories.

Let’s get to the heart of yours.


Award-winning writer, thinker, producer and strategist, with a proven ability to deliver highly effective messaging and dynamic content across multiple channels.


Career Highlights


Redefining Sports Marketing

We created a powerful new branding that would break through old attitudes and stereotypes by highlighting the spectacularly-talented players, devoted fans and the sheer excitement of NBA games, in person, and on television.


Turning Tedious into Titillating

We reinvigorated the employees on-boarding process by infusing corporate training with humor and the “game show” concept to get the audience to think and laugh while understanding this critical element of Schwab's business.


Building a Media Platform

Our nation is bitterly divided and our political system is mired in gridlock. Our articles, podcasts and social media efforts present commonsense ideas, in-depth discussions and respectful interaction focused on solving problems and moving the country forward.


Video & Documentary Production

To tell the story of a unique partnership between the public, corporate, non-profit and private sectors to rebuild Yosemite without government funding, Paul produced, wrote and directed Partners to the Land, an award-winning film that documented the restoration.