About Paul

  • Expert Interviewer

  • Highly-Skilled Writer: books, articles, blogs, speeches, social media, videos

  • Broadcast Host: podcasts, videos, radio, television

  • Executive Producer: films, videos,

I have spent my entire career mastering the craft of storytelling. This includes creating campaigns, articles, online content, social media, speeches, podcasts and videos. My proficiency in producing tangible results starts with a natural intellectual curiosity and the ability to synthesize a wide variety of information. My personal and professional background has also generated a very practical brand of wisdom that’s helped me establish strong, collaborative client relationships (and have some fun in the process). Having been in the media business for over thirty years, I’ve cultivated the expert skills that only come with extensive work and life experience. Resume and Testimonials

The Rest of the Story

My LinkedIn profile lists three key skills: Idea Engine, Thought Leader and Content Wizard. These aren’t your typical job categories, but I’ve already listed the traditional ones: producer, writer, interviewer, strategist, etc. What they all add up to is a career spent honing my skills as a Master Storyteller. Read more