In My Own Words

My LinkedIn profile lists three key skills: Idea Engine, Thought Leader and Content Wizard. These aren’t your typical job categories, but I’d already listed the traditional ones: producer, writer, interviewer, strategist, etc. What they all add up to is over 30 years of honing my skills as a Master Storyteller.


Though originally hired as a writer at CNN, I become a producer in two weeks and a producer/anchor in a month.

My professional career has been a recipe composed of four key ingredients: talent, timing, perseverance and personality (and a dash of humor). Right out of college, I landed a job as a radio reporter for Direct News, a nationally syndicated news program where I covered sports, entertainment, science and politics.

Next, I worked at CNN at its inception and though originally hired as a writer, became a producer in two weeks and a weekend anchor in a month. After that, I moved to New York to work for the National Basketball Association heading up NBA Entertainment, the league’s production arm. I then moved into the Commissioner’s Office and created and produced all of the NBA’s promotional advertising, which garnered National Sports Emmy nominations. Since basketball is one of my great passions, it was a dream job.

After meeting my wife-to-be in Central Park, we decided it was time to head west and settled in San Francisco, where we started our own company, Heart at Work Productions. Balancing corporate work with non-profit projects, our clients included Charles Schwab, Coca-Cola,Dreyer’s Ice Cream, Genentech and the Yosemite Fund.

In addition, I began writing articles that were published in national publications such as the Washington Post, New York Times, Newsweek, Psychology Today and Sunset Magazine, and later, collaborating and editing articles, essays and op-eds for clients that appeared on The Huffington Post, CNBC, The Hill and Politico.


Beginners Mind and Innate Curiosity.

I also became immersed in the world of national politics as the executive producer of a citizen-based platform, Responsible for creating and supervising all content, as well as branding and strategy, I also co-host our podcasts, which brings back my days as a radio and TV broadcaster.

If I had to sum up my professional experience, I would say I’m naturally curious, highly skilled at synthesizing information and finding solutions, always determined to push the creative envelope, adept at managing relationships and most of all, a person who loves to team up with good people who want to do great work. That’s my recipe for success. Plus, always leave room for dessert.