Case Study:

After the Loma Prieta earthquake, Charles Schwab, one of America’s leading financial institutions, became even more invested in being able to successfully restore the company’s systems after an emergency or natural disaster. But how do you teach the constant stream of new employees about content that is rather dry and technical when they’re already being deluged with information? The real challenge was to get people to pay attention to a training session that’s important, but not exciting.


Reinvigorate the employed on boarding process by infusing a dry subject matter with humor.

Grab their attention immediately by surprising them with a video that combines corporate training with humor. Instead of a stodgy presentation, get audience thinking and laughing, to understand this critical element of Schwab’s business while also getting to know the people who run it and see how much they care about the company.


Go to an off-site training session and film the participants as if they’re going away to summer camp. Use a series of onscreen multiple choice questions with correct answers mixed with off-the-wall choices. Still gets the ideas across, humanizes the people who run these trainings and shows that the company has a sense of humor, too.