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Our nation is bitterly divided and our political system is mired in gridlock. My client is a concerned citizen with a passion for politics who has become a thought leader and aspires to be a national political commentator. The fact is we live in very uncertain times and that requires people who are committed to solving problems over partisanship more than ever. The goal was to connect reasonable, rational Americans who regardless of their traditional political affiliations, will come together in dialogue.


To build a national media presence, we worked across multiple platforms to reach different age groups and demographics to establish awareness and credibility. We also broadcast in-depth conversations with Washington insiders, prominent media figures and politicians from both parties about the most urgent and relevant issues facing the country.


Self-publish a book on client’s perspective of national political climate. Write regular political blog on Huffington Post. Affiliate with bipartisan non-profit organization, No Labels, in Washington D.C. Place daily postings on Facebook and Twitter. Produce and co-host in depth podcasts. Continue building and updating our website to get message out that is the place for pragmatists to talk politics.