“I believe that the key to creating effective and engaging articles, essays and op-eds is not only a skill at crafting words, but a firm willingness to rethink and rewrite, to keep pushing for the best possible result.”

Writing is a craft and over the years, I’ve become an expert in synthesizing information and translating feelings, thoughts and ideas into cogent, compelling, captivating stories. I specialize in telling (and selling) narratives that engage people intellectually and emotionally, for publication in national newspapers, magazines and online news outlets. One of my favorite writing styles is “clever,” which I define as combining intelligence with humor.

I’ve had my own work appear in The New York Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, Psychology Today and Sunset Magazine. In addition to having my own writing published, clients hire me to collaborate on their submissions and both require the ability to create and develop different “voices.” Whether aimed at a specific outlet and demographic or a broader audience, I’ve been able to help clients craft their writings for publication in Politico, The Hill and MSNBC.com.

Sample Publications